Injuries and Losses of the 2015-16 Campaign

August 2015

Razak Boukari- 21st- Knee Injury: Out of contract at the end of season
Nouha Dicko- 29th- Knee Injury: Out nine months- Due back June 1st

September 2015

Richard Stearman- 1st-£2 million transfer to Fulham

October 2015

Kortney Hause- 24- Torn Hamstring- Due back February 20th

December 2015

Mike Williamson- 1st- Recalled from Loan- Bought in January- Injured- Due back February 20th

January 2016

Sheyi Ojo- 7th- Recalled from loan
Benik Afobe- 10th- £10-12 million transfer to Bournemouth
Jordan Graham- 16th- ACL Tear- Due back January 2017
Michal Zyro- 18th – Calf Injury- Due back March 1st
Dave Edwards- 23rd-  Broken metatarsal- Due back April 9th

February 2016

James Henry- 13th-Hamstring InjuryDue back March 5th



Emiliano Martínez- Off and on injuries all season



American Perspective on Televised Games

When looking through Wolves social media sites its usually surrounded with negativity, recently it has been about the amount of televised games. It perplexed me at first because I had no clue why someone would be angry at getting air time because here in the United States it’s a much different feeling. I follow a few leagues religiously, them being the NFL, The Premiere League and currently the Championship because the Wolves are in it. Now all three of these leagues have very different televised schedules in the US.

Focusing on the main domestic sport in the US, American Football. The NFL televised all of their games and if you live in the local market you get to watch every single game that your local teams play with a standard cable package. In America fans usually press for more prime time night games and want their the team to be on the national stage. Televised games has very little to none impact on ticket sales and attendance here in America. Showing this the NFL threw out their local black out rule just a season ago.

Switching gears to the Premiere League. Every single Premiere League game is televised in America through NBC Sports. Login into their website (with your cable provided information) and it grants you the option to watch every game that is currently live. The NBC Sport channel aired 2-3 games per Saturday and usually one on Sunday/ Moday (depending on the schedule). But still every game could be watched online if you have an internet connection. Not to include the countless bars that open at 7am on a Saturday so that football fans could come and watch their team with like-minded supporters.

Getting to the Wolves and their abnormal amount of televised games for a Championship side. I see and understand the negatives comments that most supporters are arguing about, what about the season ticket holders getting gyped, hotels not refunding our money for aways games, and the absurdity of changing fixture times. But a solution should be worked out regarding keeping the local fans happy and giving the Wolves air time. Obviously the number of domestic games should decrease to a reasonable amount but the Championship should workout a deal to up the number of televised games abroad. Not just Wolves game but other teams in the Championship. This way it can make more revenue without upsetting their local fan base and give them exposer overseas. Football/ Soccer is really starting to grow in America and it started around the end of the last mens World Cup. One example is Seattle where the average attendance of a Sounders game is over 40,000 people. Smaller leagues may not see the same watch rate as the Premiere League but it will have a decent amount of spectators through bars and fans of smaller clubs.

Personally as a fan abroad I think televised games are great and I get excited when I see a game that will be televised. This is because instead of following the OfficalWolves Twiiter account for updates I get to watch my team live with everyone else. I know that all the NFL games are televised that I go to but I am willing to pay the 60-100 dollars to go watch my team play. Theres nothing like going to a game for me because it gives me a personal connection to the outcome of the game. It makes it seem like my chanting and cheering had somehow had an influence on the game. Where as sitting at home I will be watching the game but in a distracted sense where I have all the distractions of being at my house that may take away from the experience. However I am not oblivious to how the domestic fans feel and agree to some extent with their thoughts on the situation. Fixture changes are ridiculous especially when the fans have pre-purchased their tickets. I believe fans should be offer either a full refund if they can’t make it or at minimum reduce ticket prices for the games that are televised. Something to make the fans feel a little more happy. Obviously Wolves as an organization is going through a large transition with the club being for sale, which has probably lead directly to more games being televised than normally. I’ll link a good write up from Cry Wolf below so readers can see the reverse side of things

To read Cry Wolf’s article click here


By: Jordan White

Televised Games of 2016

All games that televised are done so through Bein Sports, if the game is aired it can be watched on your TV or through the online app (Bein Sports). If using the online stream, you need to login with your cable subscription username and password.

January 2016

1/01- Brighton Away @ 10AM 

1/23- QPR Away @ 7:30AM 

February 2016

2/27- Derby County Home @ 7:30AM

March 2016

3/04- Middlesbrough Away @ 2:45PM

*All times are for eastern standard time.


Televised Games In America: August – October

All games that televised are done so through Bein Sports, if the game is aired it can be watched on your TV or through the online app (Bein Sports). If using the online stream, you need to login with your cable subscription username and password.

August 2015

Sun Aug 16th: Wolves v Hull City 7:00am(EST)

Sat Aug 22nd: Cardiff City v Wolves 12:15pm(EST)

September 2015

No televised games

October 2015

Sat Oct 3rd: Wolves v Huddersfield Town 7:30am(EST)

Sun Oct 18th: Derby County v Wolves 8:15am(EST)

Sat Oct 31st: Birmingham City v Wolves 7:30am(EST)

*All games are for the Sky Bet Championship, games might be added depending on progressing in the Capital One Cup.

Last Weekend of 2014/2015 Season

Three teams are playing for the convented sixth spot and a chance to get into the Premier League. Currently holding that position is Derby coming off a tie against Millwall this past weekend. Realistically all Derby needs is a tie to remain in the sixth spot, but a lost would cause major drama. Sitting in Seventh is Brentford coming off of a win against Reading, they are only 2 points behind. Wolves sit in eighth only behind Brentford on goal differential, coming off of a 1-nil victory against Wigan.
Results needed for Wolves to grab the last playoff spot- Wolves win and Derby loses and Brentford ties/loses
Remaining Games: All three games kickoff at 7:15 AM (ET)

A less likely way to gain entrance to the playoff would be a 7-0 win over Millwall and for Ispwich to lose 0-1 or 6-0 win for wolves and a 0-2 defeat for ipswich and so on.

Wigan AthleticWigan Athletic
DerbyDerby County
Reading Reading
WolvesWolverhampton Wanderers
Millwall  Millwall

Wolves Playoff Push

With last weekend games concluding with ties for Ipswich, Wolves, Derby and Brentford the race for the final two playoff spots are tight. Teams ranked 3-6 will gain entry to the playoffs, winner gains promotion into the top tier of English football, The Premier League. Currently in 5th is Derby with 76 points and two games remaining (@Millwall,Vs Reading). Not a very hard schedule to close out their season. In sixth is Ipswich with 75 points and two game remaining (Vs Nottingham Forest, @Blackburn). Both clubs are in the top half of the table and could prove to be a large task for Ipswich to over come. Brentford is in seventh place with 72 points with two games remaining (@Reading, Vs Wigan). Not a bad schedule but will probably have to win both games to have a shot at a playoff spot. And finally the Wolves with 72 with two games remaining against two struggling clubs (@Wigan,Vs Millwall). The Wolves have the easiest remaining schedule of the the four teams playing for a playoff spot. Its not over until it is over. Forever We Are Wolves.  

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