Wolves Playoff Push

With last weekend games concluding with ties for Ipswich, Wolves, Derby and Brentford the race for the final two playoff spots are tight. Teams ranked 3-6 will gain entry to the playoffs, winner gains promotion into the top tier of English football, The Premier League. Currently in 5th is Derby with 76 points and two games remaining (@Millwall,Vs Reading). Not a very hard schedule to close out their season. In sixth is Ipswich with 75 points and two game remaining (Vs Nottingham Forest, @Blackburn). Both clubs are in the top half of the table and could prove to be a large task for Ipswich to over come. Brentford is in seventh place with 72 points with two games remaining (@Reading, Vs Wigan). Not a bad schedule but will probably have to win both games to have a shot at a playoff spot. And finally the Wolves with 72 with two games remaining against two struggling clubs (@Wigan,Vs Millwall). The Wolves have the easiest remaining schedule of the the four teams playing for a playoff spot. Its not over until it is over. Forever We Are Wolves.  


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